Whenever we are questioning the edges of our egoic identification, we are potentially making an opening to an ever expanding realization of ourselves.  Which is wonderful.  The freedom we can realize is not only a larger understanding of who we are in totality, but an awakening to what is pervasively there all along; our essence, our beingness.  We can witness what has always been present before our identification with some human constructed idea of who we are/have been.

We can additionally, to varying degrees, experience Being at large and our being within this.  This Being that is always Becoming, the Ever Present Origin.  When we wonder about who we are then, we come into wonderment.  Wonder is always curious, “What will be next?  What will become of us?  What will originate if we just are, rather than habituate with doing?”  We can become more original, full of wonder.


Last week I consulted the I Ching.  I will share just a few lines from my reading.

“False power and false greatness can be seen all around us in the world.  Through egotistical and aggressive manipulations many people obtain a temporary position of influence.  The I Ching teaches us a different way of acquiring and using power, one that leads to true greatness and enduring influence.  The way of the Sage unites power with modesty, justice, gentleness, and equanimity.  It is important to remember that it is the Sage who is the source of your strength.  If your ego takes over and wields the power that is at hand, the ensuing misfortune will be great.

The I Ching counsels us to not misuse our strength by judging, condemning, punishing, manipulating, or dismissing others.  Power can make us eager, but eagerness unbalances and leads us into trouble.  By listening carefully and patiently to the Sage we know when to move ahead, when to wait, and when to retreat.

The I Ching teaches us again and again that joy and success cannot be forced or stolen.  They are achieved gradually-but steadily-by those who relate correctly to others and to the Higher Power.  To relate correctly means to steadfastly practice innocence, detachment, acceptance, modesty, and gentleness.  Life is full of short cuts, but this is the only route that leads to true joy.”


A friend of mine later that day, not knowimg what I had read stated, “The only currency worth a shit is wisdom.”  I’ll take all of this to the bank.


Identification is an inevitable result of our mental capacity to objectify our experience combined with our lack of trust in simply being.  B #N – p. 151

We keep thinking more or less in the same way; even though our particular thoughts change from minute to minute, our repertoire is limited, and what we think about repeats over and over and over again.  Everybody else would have been bored silly by now if they had to watch that same movie thousands of times.  But we don’t get bored with it!  The scenes have become our reality; they are what we are – and if the movie starts to change, alarms go off.  We don’t want something different.  We don’t even want a sequel!  In fact, seeing the plot and the characters the same way so many times makes us feel secure.  B #N – pp. 169-170

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I now am replacing these authors with A. H. Almaas.

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So you know where I’m coming from:

I find that my spiritual orientation has substantial and substantive evidence/reason, as the more academic articles I’ve written attempt to explain.   This spiritual framework then contributes to a practice which philosophically can be situated within many of the tenets of Neo-Platonism, Taoism, and the psychological/spiritual work of the Ridhwan School.  I hold that honest science and sincere faith inquiries can be co-informing regarding Truth.

In short I think we need to have integrity, humility, reverence for Being in all Its forms, and compassion.

Morally we serve Reality best by considering both the depth and breadth of our actions.

(For a short overview of where I’ve been and where I’m going see these highlighted links.  More specifically see article on non-believers.)

I am using the topics under the “Pages” section at the top left, beneath the “My Personal Writings – Perspectives and Propositions”, for reader interface, where I will periodically post my personal articles and musings. These, along with the links offered to the left, will be placed under the following categories of spirituality.

Firstly it needs to be considered IF there is such a thing as spirit and how would we ascertain this at minimum and know it as foundation. This is an epistemological question. “In other words, epistemology primarily addresses the following questions: “What is knowledge?”, “How is knowledge acquired?”, “What do people know?”, “How do we know what we know?’” wikipedia The secondary consideration deals with, given what we know and how we know it, what is the nature of this Being and our being. This is a metaphysical category. “A central branch of metaphysics is ontology, the investigation into what types of things there are in the world and what relations these things bear to one another. The metaphysician also attempts to clarify the notions by which people understand the world, including existence, objecthood, property, space, time, causality, and possibility.” wikipedia Given what we might conclude from these inquiries, how then would we live and orientate ourselves to life? This category I’m labeling meaningful living.

Two additional categories will often overlap with much from the other three categories above. They are things artistic, often multi-media in form, and miscellany. That name says it all.

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